What is this Digital Communication?


After an Industry Insights Talk at my university, I was astounded at how far behind publishing is when concerning digital media today.

Those who spoke to us were:

Ciaran O’Brien, freelance DOP (Director of Photography)

    sara3-b48fd52a0dfbe7bee95b7c44d49c975f-150x220Sara Strickland, Suited & Booted CIC

                 rebecca-mearsRebecca Mears, Community Manager at Mumsnet

photo (1)Imogen Woodford, Social-i

They come from various backgrounds within the digital communication sphere but the fact of the matter is: they all understand digital communication – even the government knows the importance of this element.

They have the tools and skills to create interaction and send out messages that communicates with their audiences effectively. These are the people that publishers need to talk to and learn from.

Sara Strickland offers that ‘not many websites are without media content.’

All these speakers emphasis quite heavily that to communicate with digital there is a necessity to stay ahead of the game, to know all the platforms, what is trending and how technology keeps developing – it very often happens overnight. This is the bandwagon that publishers must fight to jump onto before a whole generation of readers are lost.


In the words of Imogen Woodford ‘social media has no end, it will continue to evolve and grow.’ This is hard truth that publishers have to come to terms with because the digital age is not going to stop – so don’t rejoice over the decline in ebook sales just yet.

‘Use social media to start somewhere, talk to people and be creative. There is no blueprint, it is trial and error.’

Digital communication must be embraced because it is our love for stories that is our specialism but it is time to allow the stories a new voice in the digital platforms.

Publishing is seriously behind in the usage and abundance of digital communications – it’s now time to join the top dogs.


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