Is Pinterest the Unknown Future?



Is it time to start looking to Pinterest as the leading platform for social media engagement? It has an overflowing abundance of rich and and engaging media, so much so that it drives more web traffic to other sites than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined. You read that – combined.

It is the perfect place for you to just relax and indulge in what makes you passionate, your ideal happy place. From following your favorite brands, exploring wedding ideas or indulging in your favorite fandoms, Pinterest literally has it all. As well as brimming full of addicted and passionate people that just love to engage with a variety of content.


In contrast to Facebook, Long believes Pinterest is a refuge from relationship status, check-ins at restaurants, or pictures of kids. “It’s not a place where I have to worry about being bombarded by other people’s over-sharing of un-interesting or annoying daily experiences or about accidentally revealing intimate details of my day-to-day life,” he says.

Pinterest is so exclusively attuned to you as a person that all the pins generated on your news feed are the boards, or people, you choose to follow. So there should never be anything on there that does not appeal to you on some level – you can even create your secret boards so that your pins aren’t shared onto other people’s news feeds.


Pinterest frees you from the expectations of who people expect you to be and instead allows you to rediscover yourself! It completely trumps Google image search because most of the images appear to be from original sources and art-directed photography, which makes products looks terrific. It certainly allows for a greater appreciation of the images. Rather than blankly scrolling through Twitter or Facebook news feeds where very little appeals to you personally. It is not a collation of information but a mainstream of content that is important to you as a person.

It’s visually engaging, simple and effective. Businesses, and publishers, should learn  get a good hand on Pinterest and really start to drive views to their websites. It also allows for video content to be shown, to really show off those cover designs to an actively engaged audience. It is where the most simplistic form of fandoms live and if publishers can tap into them then book sales would soar. It is time for publishers to start becoming Pinterest obsessed!



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