IMG_6939Outside of a dog, a book is a man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read. Groucho Marx

I am Sara Bird.

I am a typical undergraduate student, majoring in History. I am the ultimate dabbler empowered by the energy of words –inside me you can find a writer, a dreamer, an editor, an historian, a leader, a researcher, a marketer, a cook, a gamer, a composer, a dancer and a traveler. I can’t wait for the new experiences that await me in the future.

The thing that will always be constant for me is reading. The way a book, with its plain and simple words, can impact a person’s life.

It is words that help us understand who we are as people and it is words that affect us the most.

While studying at Bath Spa, I have written a collection of articles and content for milk magazine, Screen News, the Cleveland Pools and The Social Media Experiment. I was commissioning editor of the Books department and have managed a variety of projects.

I am interested in the publishing industry and how they will adapt the digital aspects to enhance stories. It is through projects, events and marketing that I want to discover new and empowering ways to bring people closer to these stories.

Writing and publishing is ultimately a community industry. It is the people within the communities that connect with the words and it is them I will aspire to publish for.


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